Heights of Loneliness

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The Heights of Loneliness is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IX.

It leads up the mountains near Dourbridge to Zere Rocks. There is a cottage at the base of the Heights. Many routes in this area are vines, the Hero need to climb along the vines to access another area or platform.

Zere Rocks[edit]

Zere Rocks is a stone replica of the town of Zere in Dragon Quest IX. It is located at the peak of the Heights of Loneliness. It was made exclusively by a sculptor named Mason. The only house that can be entered is the same house where Petra lives, who was also Mason's wife. A Slime lives in the house now. Also, the basement is in perfect state, unlike the one in Zere that has crumbled.

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   FyggIcon.png    This is where a Fygg can be collected

Name Origin[edit]

Probably originated from xerox which originate from a Greek word xerox (the photocopier). Just as Zere Rocks is a stone copy of Zere village.

Monsters in the Area[edit]

Enemy entry

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#071 Mad moai 120 G 350 Royal soil
#073 Grinade 86 G 288 Rockbomb shard
#074 Toxic zombie 100 G 270 Manky mud
Boomer briefs
#075 Metal slime knight 82 G 305 Light shield
Iron helmet
#076 Hocus chimaera 126 G 288 Chimaera wing
Prayer ring
#077 Treeface 102 G 315 Strong medicine
Strong antidote
#078 Stone golem 126 G 400 Flintstone


Quest #015 - "Collapsus' Call"
Location Heights of Loneliness - L7
Availability Upon arriving at Heights of Loneliness
Requested by Christopher Collapsus
Fulfilled to Christopher Collapsus
Item Required DQ9 SpecialMedicine.pngSpecial medicine
Reward Treasure map - Granite Tunnel of Woe Lv. 1.
Detail An explorer called Christopher Collapsus wants some special medicine to help him out of tight spot at the Heights of Loneliness.
Hint for solution Prepare a Special medicine before you come here. Special medicine can be created by mixing two Strong medicines in the Krak Pot.
Repeatable No.
Quest #49 - "Rock On!"
Location Zere Rocks
Availability After finishing the main story.
Requested by Rocky
Fulfilled to Rocky
Item Required DQ9 Resurrock.pngResurrock DQ9 EnchantedStone.pngEnchanted stone DQ9 AgateOfEvolution.pngAgate of evolution
Reward Rusty shield.pngRusty shield
Detail Rock-obsessed Rocky from Zere Rocks wants you to show him a Resurrock, an Enchanted stone, and an Agate of evolution.
Hint for solution
Repeatable No.
Quest #112 - "Ranger Changer"
Location Heights of Loneliness - Entrance
Availability Upon arriving at Heights of Loneliness.
Requested by Odval
Fulfilled to Odval
Item Required Kill 3 Hocus chimaera using Poison.
Reward Ranger class become available.
Detail You accepted Odval's challenge at the Heights of Loneliness. She wants you to use Toxic Dagger to envenom three Hocus chimaeras and polish them off with Poison alone.
Hint for solution Have a thief equipped with a knife in order to use the skill. Then equip your party member with Poison needle, this make sure that you can poison the enemy but don't kill them. When you Poison a Hocus chimaera, defend and wait until it finishes its miserable life. Cast Antimagic if you can to prevent it from healing as it is prone to using Midheal.
Repeatable no
Quest #113 - "Hoarse Whisper"
Location Heights of Loneliness - Entrance
Availability With a Level 15 Ranger in your party.
Requested by Odval
Fulfilled to Odval
Reward Nomadic deel
Detail Odval at the Heights of Loneliness says that a true Ranger must be able to talk to the animals. She wants you to attract the attention of twenty beasts by angering them, and then calm them down again with Soothe Sayer.
Hint for solution Keep hitting monsters until they get angry. Boss monsters are good targets because they are not as easily to beat as normal monsters, so remember to cast "Soothe Sayer" when they get angry. Use Whistle and Eyes on Me to enrage monsters faster.

Another alternative if you don't have Whistle and Eyes on Me, go to slurry coast and fight Bewarewolf's. During battle whenever a character gets "damaged" cast a healing spell on them. 80-90% of the time the Bewarewolf will become enraged with the healer. You can then cast "Soothe Sayer" on it.

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Quest #114 - "One-Turn Wonder"
Location Heights of Loneliness
Availability Have a Level 40+ Ranger.
Requested by Odval
Fulfilled to Odval
Reward Ranger's Revalations
Detail Odval the ranger at the Heights of Loneliness wants you to show your supreme speed before she'll let you in on the ultimate Ranger secret. You must defeat a Drakularge in the first turn of battle five (5) times!
Hint for solution Drakularges can be easily found in Wyrmwing just South of Upover, have a team of at least four (4) and order everyone to attack the Drakularge immediately
Repeatable {{{repeat}}}


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