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Celestria (セレシア Serushia?, (Celesia)) is a character in Dragon Quest IX. She is the daughter of the Almighty One, Zenus. Her role is that of a Christ-like figure to the people of the Protectorate. She assists the hero in reaching the final dungeon in the story.


Warning: Spoilers
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Celestria stopped her father Zenus from destroying the Protectorate long before the events of Dragon Quest IX. To prove that mortals still have good in their hearts, she transformed herself into the great tree Yggdrasil. She is the reason benevolessence and fyggs are collected to be brought to the Observatory.

Near the end of the story, the hero must become mortal in order to be able to fight Corvus. Celestria provides the hero with an 8th fygg allowing him/her to do so. After completing the game, Celestria allows the hero to return to the final dungeon if desired.


Celestria plays a Christ-like role in the story because she protects the mortals from her father Zenus' wrath. She completes the overall biblical motif of the Celestrians being angels who are working for her and her father. Celestria chooses to temporarily sacrifice herself in order to save the mortals. This directly parallels Jesus Christ dying on the cross to save mortal men from hell.