Patriarch Orstov

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Patriarch Orstov is one of the characters and villains in Dragon Quest X.


Patriarch Orstov first appears at the end of 3.0 waiting for the Hero to visit Nagaland. The Hero finally meets him, who reminds the Hero that there is a dark bird on the loose, and a dark figure is wrecking havoc. The dark bird is defeated, and Orstov regonzies the Hero who will reunite Nagaland through its territories, and bring peace back to the land. Whenever the Hero defeats an end boss of a Version 3 story, Orstov will have a vision of what will happen next. When Nagaland is reunited, however, Orstov is captured and taken to the dungeon. The Hero and Estella fight his traitorous aide, Principal Nadia, and triumph. However, a tail slowly starts to emerge from his body, and stabs the Hero. It turns out Orstov masterminded the whole thing to revive Nadraga, the Regional God of Astolia who was sealed away after Astoila's goddess went off to fight. The Hero is revived by Gods of Astoila, which Orstov expected. He takes Estella to the Nagaland temple to begin the ceremony to revive him, since he is sealed inside her. The Hero and his sibling confront him, and they battle him. Despite their best efforts in defeating him, Orstov remains confident in his victory, as Nadraga is revived, and he merges with him since he's actually a part of him that was cut off before he was sealed away. He is last seen guiding the Hero and Estella out of Nadraga's body after the Astoila God's defeat.


  • Due to his visions of what will happen next in the Nagaland story, and being evil all along, he can be considered an evil counterpart of Crow, an ally of the Hero.
  • He also has similarities to Hargon. Both are the leader of a cult, both seek to revive their masters (Malroth and Nadraga), and both sacrifice themselves to said masters.
    • However, while Hargon is evil from the start, destroyed Moonbrooke, cursed the Princess of Moonbrooke into a dog, laid a curse on the Prince of Cannock, and is only fought by the time the player reaches him, Orstov acts as a kind character to the DQX Hero until the climax of Version 3.
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