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Dragon Quest X
DQX Duston.png
Japanese name ダストン
Romaji Dasuton
Title Castle Lord (Japanese)
Clutter Collector (Treasures)
Race Dwarf
Family Gorek (brother)
Chiri (adoptive daughter)
Voice actor Kentaro Ito (Japanese)

Duston (ダストン, Dasuton) is a character in Dragon Quest X. He is an oddball who is said to value junk more than life itself. He is a party member in the Offline version of the game.

In battle, his weapons of choice are Hammers, Whips, and Knives, and he is able to equip Shields. He possesses a peculiar mix of abilities from many vocations, allowing him to support his allies and debuff enemies.

Appearance and Character[edit]

Duston is a Dwarven man with the dark olive green skintone characteristic of his race, a round nose, and shaggy brown hair that reaches to his shoulders. He wears white face paint underneath his eyes and on his ears. On his head, he wears a horned Viking-style helmet that always has a green lizard dozing away on top. He wears an orange-brown short-sleeved tunic with a green collar around his neck and a yellow cravat, long trousers, a belt around his waist, and a pair of sandals.

He is only interested in useless junk, disliking things that are useful. Duston is shunned by the locals of Gatara due to his large collection of junk, but he doesn't care about his reputation at all.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

He is the lord of the Junk Castle in Mountain City Gatara. He collects junk with the help of his assistant Potsukon and eventually appoints the Hero as his new assistant. Sixteen years ago, Duston took in an abandoned infant Dwarf girl and raised her as his daughter. However, the two of them had a major falling out and she eventually ran away from home.


Duston learns the following spells.

Name Level MP Target Description
Evac 7 ? Field Teleports the party to the entrance of a dungeon
Sap 8 ? One Enemy Degrades a single foe's Defence by 2 stages
Crag 11 ? One enemy Creates a trap dealing minor earth damage to a single enemy each round
Accelerate 12 ? One ally Speeds up an ally by 2 stages
Decelerate 13 ? One enemy Slows down an enemy by 2 stages
Spider Web 14 ? ? Tosses a spidery web inflicting a stun effect
Cock-a-doodle-doo 15 ? All allies Awakens all allies from Sleep
Fuddle 16 ? One enemy Confuses an enemy
Kasap 21 ? One ally Degrades all enemies' Defence by a single stage
Oomph 19 ? One ally Bolsters a single ally's attack by a single stage
Acceleratle 20 ? All allies Speeds up all allies by a single stage
Deceleratle 27 ? Enemy group Slows down a group of enemies by a single stage
Craggle 25 ? All enemies Creates a trap dealing earth damage to all enemies each round
Anathematise 27 ? One enemy Increases a single enemy's vulnerability to magic
Blunt 30 ? One enemy Weakens a single enemy decreasing their attack by a single stage
Kacrag 35 ? Enemy Group Creates a trap dealing major earth damage to a group of enemies each round
Kafuddle 39 ? All enemies Confuses all enemies
Kacraggle 42 ? Enemy Group Creates a trap dealing severe earth damage to a group of enemies each round

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Duston appeared in the second card pack after the game changed to Ace, entitled "And Thus Into Legend...", as a legend rare card exclusive for Thief leaders.

Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Duston appears as a statue under the name Clutter Collector and is Treasure No. 420 in the Adventurer Statues 1 category and can be found on the Wingswept Moors. His base value is 1,200,000 gold.

Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
A statue of a castle-dwelling nobleman whose greatest passion in life is junk.[1]



  1. Nintendo Switch and Steam versions.