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Dragon Quest X
DQX Human Tribe.png
Japanese name カメー様
Romaji Kame-sama
Race Tortoise
Age Over 1,000

The Galapogod (カメー様 Kame-sama) is a character from the tenth installment Dragon Quest video game: Dragon Quest X. It is worshiped by the people of Tenton as the guardian deity of the village.

Appearance and personality[edit]

The Galapogod is a galapogos tortoise with very long limbs, horns at the front and sides of it's head, and red scales with a purple shell. The Galapogod is much taller and bulkier than a typical tortoise, so much so that villagers are able to ride upon it like a horse.

The Galapogod is a calm, peaceful creature that enjoys the company of the Tenton villagers. This belies the animal's true nature though-- it was the Pegasus of legend that once fought against Nelgel one thousand years ago and defeated the beast before creating the island that Tenton sits upon at the exact center of the world, taking the form of a tortoise to remain undetected by conspirators. When monsters besieged the village, the Galapogod's power is what allowed the Hero to reincarnate into a new body instead of entering the afterlife.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Version 2.3 of the game restores the Galapogod's power and it takes on the form of a winged horse once more, which becomes the steed of Anlucia.

As of version 4.5, the player has the opportunity to rebuild Tenton and Pegasus will opt to return to it's tortoise form to watch over the village in the hero's absence, being called upon by Anlucia when needed.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Galapogod was kidnapped by monsters and taken to Baramos' Lair. Tenda had a vision of this tragedy taking place, and foretold of the Luminary's arrival to return the sacred reptile.