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The Strange insect Aragne, or only Aragne, is a monster that was introduced in Dragon Quest X and is one boss in Ver. 1.0 of that game.


Aragne is a humongous spider monster with pale green skin and white and purple hair. Her body is covered with a black and yellow hardened skin that has some black spikes on the back of her torso. Her face is similar to the one of an ogre or a demon with two black bull horns at each side of her head, red eyes and a big mouth with pink lips, sharp teeth and two bigger fangs. She also has eight legs, the first two of them end in a pair of big pale green hands with three fingers on them that end in black sharp claws, the rest of them end in a purple single spike.

Disguised as Queen Agushuna, she has the appearance of the dead elf queen, however when she is about to transform back into her spider form, the red eyes are revealed.


Aragne died a long time ago in the throne room of the old royal elf palace when she was a normal spider, however she was revived into an humongous demonic spider when King Nikoroi from the elf tribe tried to revive his mother, Queen Agushuna, with a dark Yggdrasil leaf. The power of the leaf chose Aragne's soul to be reborn, however she was given the physical appearance of Queen Agushuna. With her mind clouded with the darkness of the dark Yggdrasil leaf, she plotted a little desperate ploy to satiate her hunger by eating Nikoroi's, his counselor, Kyuusuke's; and the hero's corpses. She led them to a teleportal at the Southern Kamiharumui region where Nikoroi's sister's soul was trapped. Then, they were transported into a parallel dimension and when Nikoroi's was distracted by the landscape she tried to knock out the elf king. After this attack she revealed the truth, transformed and tried to kill them, however the hero was able to defeat her in a long, arduous battle. The death of Aragne freed Rita's soul from one big white tree-like being that was at the center of the parallel dimension and thus, she could finally rest in peace.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Aragne can be fought again as many times as the player desires in her Fire Coliseum's rematch battle. She is a bit stronger than her original battle and she is accompanied by two general mechs. If the party has defeated them, Aragne can summon another batch of general mechs ad infinitum.

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