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The General mech is a new monster in the Dragon Quest series and it was introduced in Dragon Quest X.


General mechs are a mechanical type of monster. They are little and are covered in a golden armor. In their head there is the core of the machine and it is protected with a golden helm with a grey ventilation grill where it should be supposed to have a face. These monsters wear a cone-shaped hat (probably made of bamboo), also golden, that resembles to the one that rice farmers in Japan wore in the past. At their back they have equipped a bamboo pennant, which is taller than them, that is decorated with a multicolor tribal pattern. General mechs also wield a trident, with a lavender handgrip, golden details and a metallic fork head.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Two general mechs can also be seen accompanying Aragne, in her Fire Coliseum's rematch battle. If the party has defeated them, Aragne can summon another batch of general mechs ad infinitum.


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