Mask of Implacability

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Mask of Implacability
Japanese はんにゃのめん
Old localizations Noh mask
Found in Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest VII
Buy for n/a
Sell for 1G (DQ III)
--(DQ VII)
Effect Cursed, causes permanent confusion to wearer.

The Mask of Implacability is a piece of headgear from the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The mask is cursed, causing the wearer to be permanently confused and not able to cast spells outside of battle. However, it provides an amazingly high Defense boost of +255. It is found in the Cave Northeast of Jipang.

Despite causing confusion, the mask is actually of immense value in solo playthroughs, due to the fact that a befuddled character will never strike themselves. This makes the mask particularly valuable for players who wish to either speedrun the game or simply defeat Zoma with a single character.

A shop will pay one single gold coin for it, but this is a horrible waste of a golden opportunity.

Dragon Quest VII (Nintendo 3DS Version)[edit]

The mask has the same bonuses (good and bad) as DQ III, along with the subtraction of 15 style points. Unlike the previous game, it can't be sold.

It's available upon the first completion of the DLC Tablet Mount Malign after defeating Root of all evil.

It can be equipped by everyone, but Kiefer.