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#281 - GreatMerm
HP MP Experience Gold
450 240 150
Attack Defense Speed
240 92 90
Dropped Item Life Ring
Locations Ocean
Dark Palace
Zion Cave
Skills Ice Air
Poison Fog
Spells Blizzard
Family Aquatics
Capture Rate Very Hard
Bestiary # 281
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX


Muscled merman that trawl the seas and wash into wandering ships only when the tides are at their strongest. They smash their way through the bows of ships with their massive tridents and attempt to freeze every sailor aboard with an ice breath blast and a poison them all with with venomous breath, though their slow thinking sometimes mean they need time to decide on their next attack.


The GreatMerm is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the Ocean in Disc 2, the Dark Palace and Zion Cave.

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