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The Frightbait (formerly PutreFish) is a monster featured in Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters 2.


The PutreFish is an undead fish that is only bones. As such, it has the weaknesses of both Undead and Aquatics.


The frightbait is a terrifying fish of the sea that regularly flops out of the sea to scare and frighten soppy sailors, looking like a fully flitted undead fish with no skin and only fishy bones, slippy scales and fried eyes staring out from the sockets in their head. In battle they bite huge chunks out of anyone with their deceptively powerful punishing jaws, along with flying high into the air and striking all enemies with a single slice of their brutal bony hide. Despite their frightful appearance, they'll actually sometimes flee from seasoned sailing adventurers.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

#261 - Frightbait
HP MP Experience Gold
85 0 60 52
Attack Defense Speed
70 20 35
Dropped Item Bone Knife (1/64)
Locations Ocean
Bonus Dungeon 1
Skills Harvest Moon
Family Aquatics
Capture Rate 164
Bestiary # 261
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Frightbait can be found in the Ocean, the Hamelia region when it is flooded in the past, the Underwater City in the past, Coral Lake in both the past and present and the first Bonus Dungeon.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]


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