Platinum king jewel (vocation)

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The Platinum King Jewel is the most powerful monster class in Dragon Quest VII.


The Platinum king jewel is a slime monster hardened to look like a precious jewel. This class offers a massive increase in Resilience, moderate boosts in Agility and Style, moderate to sharp drops in Strength and Wisdom, and an extreme drop in Max HP. Mastering this class gives a boost of +255 in Resilience, making a character basically untouchable.

Additionally, mastering the class will grant full immunity to all status ailments and elements.


In order to become a platinum king jewel, a character must master both the Drake Slime and Ersatz Estark classes. Another way to become a Platinum King Jewel is to turn in 100 Mini Medals to the Medal King to receive the Platinum King Heart.

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 350
Strength -10%
Agility +20%
Resilience +100%
Wisdom -20%
Style +10%
Max HP -60%
Max MP Null
Mastery Bonus +255 Bonus to Resilience


Level Title
Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Diamond in the Rough
Kaclang 1 All Allies Allies are turned to iron for two turns. They cannot be attacked nor can they attack in the meanwhile 2
2 Starting to Shine
Multiheal 28 All Allies Heals ~100 HP to all allies 10
3 Glistening Gently
Body Slam 48 One Enemy The user and the enemy are both reduced to 20 percent HP if successful 0
4 Glittering Nicely
Kazing 83 One Ally Revives one fallen ally to full HP 15
5 Sparkling Brightly
Omniheal 125 All Allies Restores all HP to all allies 20
6 Blindingly Beautiful
Nothing 170
7 Polished to Perfection
Megamorphosis 250 Self Changes the caster into a monster 0
8 Outshining the Stars
Big Banga 350 All Enemies Causes ~350 HP in frizz damage 30