Notso macho (vocation)

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The Notso Macho is a beginner monster class in Dragon Quest VII.


The Notso macho gives a moderate boost in strength and drops in all other categories. At rank 8 is grants a strong resistance to whack, sap, paralysis, Drain Magic, and poison, and full immunity to poof, fuddle, and dazzle.

Monster Heart[edit]

The Notso macho Heart can be found battling the species in The Tallest Tower in the present and in Hardlypool in the past.

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 155
Strength +10%
Agility -10%
Resilience -10%
Wisdom -20%
Style -25%
Max HP -10%
Max MP +10%


Level Title
Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Scabbard-Rattler
Nothing 0
2 First-time Fencer
Gust Slash 14 One Enemy Adds wind damage to one attack 0
3 Struggling Swordsman
Nothing 32
4 Developing Duelist
Midheal 49 One Ally Heals ~80 HP to one ally 4
5 Proficient Parrier
Focus Strength 77 Self User takes one turn. Next turn, physical attack does double damage 0
6 Rugged Riposter
Nothing 103
7 Slice-and-Dicer
Body Slam 123 One Enemy User attacks first with 80 percent power 0
8 Brutal Blade
Double-Edged Slash 155 One Enemy Does 50 percent more damage to one enemy, 25 percent of the damage is reflected to the user 0