Chow Mein and Foo Yung

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Dragon Quest series character
Foo Yung & Chow Mein
Dragon Quest IV
Foo Yung and Chow Mein.png
Race Presumably Human
Age Unknown

Chow Mein and Foo Yung are a pair of bonus bosses to the remake of Dragon Quest IV, who dwell in Nadiria at the end of the fungeon. A marked contrast to other bonus bosses, the pair are amicable fellows whom merely want a friendly spar with the party.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Providing together one of the game's extra challenges, defeating the pair for the first time will advance the post game story considerably and allow for a greater conspiracy to be unmasked. Subsequent victories will grant the player pieces of the mythical (and terrifying) Pandemonic Equipment, a brand new set exclusive to a certain silver-haired sourpuss.

Chow Mein[edit]

A rooster-themed martial artist of absurd strength, his name is a pun of the Chinese dish Chow Mein. Able to make use of skills from Dragon Quest IV, he alone would easily be a considerable challenge for any player. Although hard to hit with ice and wind, he has no resistance to flame and blast, and he can be dazzled or sapped if the caster is persistent. Keep in mind that there is no way to reduce the damage of Boulder Toss aside from defending.

#210 - Chow Mein
HP MP Experience Gold
3200 infinite 9800 850
Attack Defense Speed
310 200 195
Dropped Item Seed of Life (1/64)
Locations The Fungeon
Skills Focus Strength
Boulder Toss
Feather barrier (null one attack)
Knuckle Sandwich
Roundhouse Kick
Body Slam (under 1/3rd HP only)
Defending Champion
Bestiary # 210
Game Dragon Quest IV
Console PSX, DS, Mobile Phone

Foo Yung[edit]

A portly performer with a mercurial temperament, this egg-shaped fellow will rake you over the coals and chill you to the bone with his breath weapons, never mind the headaches his dance will cause. His name is a pun of the Chinese dish, Foo Yung. He is immune to frizz, partially resistant to ice and flame breath, and totally immune to all status ailments save fizzle and sap.

#209 - Foo Yung
HP MP Experience Gold
2800 infinite 12000 850
Attack Defense Speed
240 250 95
Dropped Item Seed of Magic (1/64)
Locations The Fungeon
Skills Scorch
Cold Breath
Fuddle Dance
Disruptive Wave
Spells Kabuff
Bestiary # 209
Game Dragon Quest IV
Console PSX, DS, Mobile Phone

In other languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolFo Yang e Chow Men