Metal king gooreatsword

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Metal king gooreatsword
Japanese メタルキングの大剣
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Effect Damages metal slimes

The Metal king gooreatsword is the greatsword counterpart to the Metal king sword, being made to always deal at least one damage to the silvery globs. Unlike the one-handed sword, however, the gooreatsword is not part of an upgrade chain and is a separate weapon from the plain metal and liquid versions.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

 Metal king gooreatsword
(forge buffs)
(+297, +310, +324)
Parry Chance
(forge buffs)
(+3%, +3%, +3%)
Difficulty ★★★★★
Recipe Molten globules x1, Slime crown x1, Über Agate of Evolution x1, Dracolyte x2
Equipable by Hero, Hendrik
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 15,000
Flavor text A stupendously sturdy double-handed blade specially designed for slicing through metal monsters.
Notes +1 damage to metal slimes

The forging manual for the sword, Making Things with Metal Kings , is the reward for turning in 110 Mini medals at L'Académie de Notre Maitre des Médailles.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Psaro's ultimate weapon, it increases his attack and defence by +136 and +30. It is a DLC exclusive weapon.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

Cesar's ultimate weapon, it increases his attack by +190 and is the reward for turning in 120 mini medals.

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