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Dragon Quest Heroes II
DQHII Ceser.png
Japanese name ツェザール
Romaji Tsuezāru
Title Prince
Race Human
Voice actor Takayuki Yamada (Japanese)
Joey Batey (English)

Cesar (ツェザール, Tsuezāru) is one of the main characters of Dragon Quest Heroes II. He is a mighty warrior prince.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cesar is a muscular young man that has swept back light brown hair with a single forelock and green eyes. He wears a black sleeveless shirt and black trousers tucked into steel-toed boots, a metal breastplate, faulds, and vambraces, and a pair of purple fingerless gloves. On his back he carries his large greatsword in a scabbard that goes across his chest and a long purple cape with a royal insignia around his neck.

In his youth, Cesar attended the same military academy as Lazarel and Teresa, but at some point became estranged from them. Due to his combat prowess, he is known as the Princely Powerhouse.


In battle, he wields an enormous greatsword, taking over from Psaro from the first game. He uses a combination of both physical and magical abilities in combat, such as Solar Flair and Bazoom. When he is in High Tension mode, his hair spikes up. His Coup de Grâce is Blade of Ultimate Power.

Voice Actor[edit]

Cesar's Japanese voice actor, Takayuki Yamada, is known for his role as the hero Yoshihiko in the television comedy, Yūsha Yoshihiko, also known as The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle. The series is heavily inspired by Dragon Quest and other role-playing games. In the series, Yoshihiko dresses almost identically to the Hero from Dragon Quest V.


César is the French, Spanish, and Portuguese form of the name Caesar. The two most famous bearers are the Roman politician Julius Caesar and his adopted heir, Augustus Caesar. It was also used as a title by emperors that came after them.