General's jacket

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General's jacket
Japanese ジェネラルマント
Romaji Jineraru manto
Old localizations N/A
Found in Dragon Quest XI
Effect Cuts Dark damage

The general's jacket is a fine piece of fieldwear reserved for the leaders of the Heliodorian military, bearing the nation's colours. A superior version exists in the field marshal's finery, which offers the same protection on a grander scale.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

General's jacket DQXI Logo EN.png
General's jacket xi icon.png
A commanding coat that provides protection against dark attacks. Part of the General's Set
Stats with forge buffs
Defence +86/89/82/97
Charm +45/47/49/53
Max HP +10/11/11/12
-10/15/20/25% Dark-elemental damage
Changes appearance
Price Location
NA/7,500 Fun-Size Forge
Forging difficulty
Technicolour dreamcloth xi icon.png x2 Evencloth xi icon.png x3 Pitch pearl xi icon.png x2 Finessence xi icon.png x1
Hendrik sprite walk.gif

When worn along with the General's jackboots, Hendrik's appearance will change and he will be granted the accolade of The General. The guide for creating this jacket is the General Directives book, which is found in a chest in the Fortress of Fear.