Frenzied state

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Not to be confused with the all-or-nothing skill known as Frenzy

Frenzied states are powerful explosions of anger that a monster can undergo upon seeing it's allies suffer, gaining incredible power for a brief period.


Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Frenzied states replace the long-standing tension system to add dramatic flair to battles, much in the same way that pep replaced tension in the mainline games. A monster has a negligibly small chance to become frenzied every turn, but this rate skyrockets once one of it's allies is severely low on HP or defeated. Once enraged, the monster will gain an extra action per turn, all damage types will increase in power by 150%, and all damage received will be cut in half for a limited number of turns. Be warned, as enemy monsters and even bosses can flip their lids when on the ropes.