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Alltrades Abbey (Temple of Dharma) is a recurring location in the Dragon Quest series. It is represented as an abbey, church, or temple where playable characters can change their vocation. It usually appears early to halfway through the games in which it appears. Since its primary purpose is vocation-related, it does not appear in Dragon Quest games that do not possess a class system.

In each game, there are set requirements for when a character can change to another vocation. The abbey is strongly tied to the overall class system and is not uncommonly used as a hub location in the games in which it appears.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

See main article Alltrades Abbey (Dragon Quest III).

The abbey appears just prior to obtaining the ship in Portoga. Characters must be level 20 to change classes. The hero may not change classes. The abbey is often used as a hub point once it is reached, due to the ability to save the game directly at the entrance, making it the quickest way to save the game in the original NES version.


Originally, the option to change a character into a Goof Off wasn't present, but later versions of the game allowed for the class change.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

See main article Alltrades Abbey (Dragon Quest VI).

The abbey appears in both the Real World and the Phantom World. However, it has been sealed by the demon lord Murdaw in the Real World and cannot be used to change vocations until he has been defeated.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

See main article Alltrades Abbey (Dragon Quest VII).

The abbey is under the control of monsters which must be cleansed before it can be used to change classes.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

See main article Alltrades Abbey (Dragon Quest IX).

The abbey appears somewhat earlier than in other games. However, Abbot Jack, the vocation-changing priest, has gone missing. He must be located and rescued before vocation changing options are available in the game.

Fortune Street[edit]

A version of Alltrades Abbey, based on the version in Dragon Quest IX, appears in the crossover installment Fortune Street. In Tour Mode, the player has to go against Patty, Dragonlord, and Bowser Jr.


  • Dharma is an spiritual and religious concept in many Indian religions. In Hinduism, dharma refers to one's duties, conduct and "right way of living"; its connection with vocations draws off of this definition.
  • The name "Alltrades Abbey" was first used in Dragon Quest IX.


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