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Japanese ゴシックパラソル
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Old localizations N/A
Found in Dragon Quest XI
Effect None

The Glumbrella is a parasol that serves as the Gothic counterpart to the Jolly brolly.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Rarity ★★★☆☆
(forge buffs)
(+43, +45, +47)
M. might
(forge buffs)
(+11, +12, +12)
M. mending
(forge buffs)
(+43, +45, +47)
MP absorb
(forge buffs)
(+5%, +5%, +5%)
Equipable by Serena
Found Sold in Gondolia
Buy Price 8,800
Sell Price 4,400
Flavor text A somewhat sinister spell-casting stick that makes it easier to appropriate enemies' MP
Notes +10% damage to the undead
Dropped by Brollygarchs at a 1/128 rate, and by Brollympians at a 1/8 rate