Jolly brolly

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Jolly brolly
Japanese パラソルスティック
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Old localizations N/A
Found in Dragon Quest XI
Effect None

The Jolly brolly is a one-handed wand that keeps casters cool while fighting in the sun.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

 Jolly brolly
Rarity ★☆☆☆☆
(forge buffs)
(+19, +21, +23)
M. might
(forge buffs)
(+4, +5, +5)
M. mending
(forge buffs)
(+16, +18, +20)
MP absorb +3%
Equipable by Serena
Recipe Witherwood x2, Waveweed x1, Sparkly sap x1
Buy Price N/A
Sell Price 1,000
Flavor text A practical parasol that does double duty as both a spell-casting stick and a sunshade
Notes +10% damage to the undead

The forging manual for the jolly brolly is the Your Crafting Career Starts Here guide, which is found in a Puerto Valor villa near the item shop.