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Waveweed xi icon.png
Japanese しおかぜ草
Romaji Shiokaze sō
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Used as an ingredient to create items.

Waveweed is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is a plant with the scent of a sea breeze that is used as a crafting material.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Waveweed is used as a material mainly for crafting clothing and some weapons or in Alchemy to increase evasion rate on footwear. It can be purchased from a material shop for 230 gold each or picked up from sparkly spots.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

A plant that smells ever so slightly of the sea.[1]

Waveweed can be purchased for 230 gold each from the item shops at Puerto Valor and Nautica or picked up from sparkly spots at the Laguna di Gondolia, Insula Australis, the Costa Valor, Insula Incognita, and Lonalulu. It can also be dropped by Brollyminators and their vicious counterparts. One sprig can be found in a barrel in Gondolia. It can be sold for 57 gold.

Waveweed is used in the following recipes for the Fun-Size Forge:

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

Waveweed is used as a material for improving various accessories or sold for 100 gold. It can be picked up from sparkly spots in the Greena Pastures and Blacka Pastures. It is one of the only materials in the game that is not dropped by any monsters.

Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Waveweed can be foraged from plants on the Wingswept Moors and the Hinterquarters or sometimes received by sending a dispatch team to the Soaring Steps on the Wingswept Moors. It is mainly used for making drinks at the canteen or for scouting monsters.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolFlor de mareaSpanish for "marine flower".
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisValgueDerived from the French vague and algue.
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschWattkrautDerived from the German Watt and kraut.
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoErba della brezza marinaItalian for "marine breeze herb".


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