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Glimmergrass xi icon.png
Japanese かがやきそう
Romaji Kagayaki sō
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Used as an ingredient to create items.

Glimmergrass is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is a plant with a peculiar gleam that is used as a crafting ingredient, particularly for making clothing.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Glimmergrass is used as a material for crafting various pieces of armour and rugs. It can be purchased from a material shop for 360 gold, picked up from sparkly spots, or dropped by certain monsters.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Fronds that flash and flicker in the midday sun.[1]

Glimmergrass can be purchased for 800 gold from the roving emporiums in Southern Champs Sauvage and the Manglegrove during the second act or picked up from sparkly spots in the Costa Valor, the Dundrasil Region, the Champs Sauvage, the Sniflheim Region, the Snærfelt, and the First Forest. It can also be dropped by Stump grumps and Vicious stump grumps and can be sold for 200 gold each. Glimmergrass is used in the following recipes for the Fun-Size Forge:

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

Glimmergrass is used as a material to improve various accessories or can be sold for 84 gold. It can be dropped by Cosmic chimaeras or picked up from sparkly spots in the Lumberlands.

Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
A grass that gleams with a gorgeous glow. Used mainly to make pellets. Mostly found on the Paternoggin.[2]
Icon in Treasures

Glimmergrass can be collected from plants on the Paternoggin and is mainly used for crafting healing pellets at the Werks, for cooking certain dishes at the canteen, or for scouting monsters.

In Other Languages[edit]

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolHierba de luzSpanish for "herb of light".
ICON-FLAG-FR.png FrançaisScintillherbeFrench for "scintillating herb".
ICON-FLAG-DE.png DeutschGlimmergrasDerived from the German "glimmen" and "Gras".
ICON-FLAG-IT.png ItalianoSplenderbaItalian for "shining herb".


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