The Manglegrove

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The Manglegrove is a jungle in Dragon Quest XI located southwest of Heliodor. Here, the Luminary first acquires the Fun-Size Forge from Erik.


The Luminary and Erik first head there from the Heliodorian Foothills after escaping the castle's dungeons to head back to the village of Cobblestone. The duo reach a camp in the center of the jungle where they decide to take a rest and Erik gives the Luminary the Fun-Size Forge and a short tutorial for how to use it, as well as where to find various recipes throughout the world. They find that the bridge leading south to Cobblestone has been destroyed, so they look around for another way to get there.

The tricky devil flying into a rage.

A sad dog outside of the woodcutter's house follows the Luminary to a mysterious glowing plant root, where he is able to see a flashback of the Tricky Devil destroying the bridge south and shapeshifting Flint the woodcutter into a dog. Erik is able to see the vision, as well, and is incredulous afterwards. They decide to double back and look for the treasure chest where the monster has hidden itself.

The devil tries to get the upper hand on the duo, but Erik is unimpressed and mocks it. It becomes incensed and attacks the two, but it is quickly defeated in battle and the woodcutter is returned to his original form. He introduces himself to the Luminary and Erik as Flint and offers to fix up the bridge south as thanks. Flint also explains to the Luminary that what he experienced was the Guidance of Yggdrasil and due to his special power, he should be able to interact with any root found throughout Erdrea. The two then continue on their journey back to Cobblestone.


Roving Emporium
Item Price Attributes
Copper sword 270 +13 Attack
Copper chopper 300 +15 Attack
Bronze knife 150 +12 Attack
Boomerang 420 +15 Attack
Leather shield 90 +4 Defence/+5% Block Chance
Leather hat 65 +3 Defence
Pointy hat 70 +5 Defence/+4 Magical Might/+3 Magical Mending
Boxer shorts 100 +10 Defence
Leather armour 180 +11 Defence
Medicinal herb 8 Heals a small amount of HP.
Antidotal herb 10 Cures one party member of poison.
Holy water 20 Repels weaker monsters.
Chimaera wing 20 Teleport to last place prayed or last important location visited.
Flintstone 120 Fun-Size Forge material.
Small scale 60 Fun-Size Forge material.
Fresh water 65 Fun-Size Forge material.

   Bonfire icon.png    This is a location where the party can set up camp for the night.

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.


Item Location
Mini medal Treasure chest in eastern cliffs
Copper ore
Fresh water
Barrels outside of Flint's house
Small scale
Copper ore x2
Pots inside Flint's house
Recipe Book: Economies of Scale Treasure chest inside Flint's house
Single phial Treasure chest near crystal in southeast section

Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Wakerobin Northern section after traveling merchant
Antidotal herb South of the first log bridge
Small scale Eastern path
Antidotal herb
Flowers after climbing cliffs in eastern path
Flurry feather
Pink pine
Fruit tree in southern section after fixing bridge
Pink pine Southeastern section
Copper ore x2
Crystal in southeastern section
Small scale Western wall near exit to Heliodor Region


Act One[edit]

Act Two[edit]

Act Three[edit]

  • Smog
  • Funghoul
  • Lips
  • Sham hatwitch
  • Leafy lampling
  • Bubble slime
  • Gloomy grublin
  • Malicious chewlip
  • Malicious cyclops


Weathercow Locations[edit]

DQXI Manglegrove Weathercow.jpg

There are two different weathercows located in the Manglegrove:

  • The first is located towards the center of the jungle close to Flint the woodcutter's house.
  • The second is in the southern part of the map past the bridge, southeast of the traveling merchant.