Insula Incognita

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The Insula Incognita is an island in the southwestern Seas of Erdrea in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age.

Located far south of The Strand, it is surrounded by rocky cliffs and is populated by fierce club-wielding monsters. It is an optional area that can be visited as soon as the party can sail the open seas.


Item Location
Recipe Book: Crafting Comforting Clothing Treasure chest on stone arch after climbing cliffs in eastern part of the island
Recipe Book: Gifts from the Goddess Treasure chest in gazebo south of eastern section of island. Requires Ultimate Key to open.

Sparkly Spots[edit]

Sparkly Spots
Item Location
Waveweed Next to small pool after docking ship
Iron ore
Silver ore x2
Crystal at northern end of island's center
Yggdrasil leaf At the center of spiral pattern in the ground
Gold ore Southeast corner in eastern section of the island


First Act[edit]

Second Act[edit]

Third Act[edit]

  • Malicious cyclops
  • Malicious night clubber
  • Stout troll
  • Malicious brownie


  • The design etched into the ground on the island, also known as a geogylph, depicts a winged creature if viewed from above. The most famous geogylphs in the real world are the Nazca Lines in Peru, many of which feature designs of animals.

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