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The Banishing Bell (Named Amulet in the GBC Version and Dragon's Bane in the NES version) is an uncommon accessory item in Dragon Quest.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The Prince of Midenhall, The Prince of Cannock and The Princess of Moonbrooke can equip this to raise their resistance to the spells Fizzle & Snooze. It can be purchased for 640 gold coins in Rippleport, Tantegel, Zahan, Slewse, Burrowell, and sold for 480.

Normally, the enemy versions of these spells have an accuracy of 38 (37.5%) in all versions of the game. When the bell is equipped in the NES version, the accuracy is reduced to 332 (9.375%), and in all other versions the success rate is cut to 364 (4.6875%). Due to a bug in the SNES version, merely having the accessory in a character's inventory protects them.

It can also be won in the Lottery if 3 Slime symbols are matched.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

The banishing bell reduces a character's chances of being targeted by enemies. This does not affect the accuracy of an attack, just the probability of an enemy focusing on the bearer.


Makes it harder for spells such as Snooze and Fizzle to affect you.[1]


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