List of recruitable monsters in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Monster scouting becomes available to the builder after obtaining the Wrangler's Ring from Molly in Skeletraz.

In order to recruit the monsters, the builder must first defeat the monster and then give them Monster munchies, if they show interest in becoming friends. There are four conditions for monsters to join the builder: have obtained the Wrangler's Ring, be in an explorer's shore (or Skeletraz), the monster needs to be of a certain species -not all monsters can be recruited, only the ones listed below-, and have enough room in Isle of Awakening.

The following list aims to clarify which monsters can be scouted and where, and their behavior in the Isle of Awakening and Buildertopias once befriended.

Scoutable monsters in Dragon Quest Builders 2.
Monster Location Perks Notes
DQB2 MON 1.png
Blossom Bay Mount: The builder can ride them: They nullify fall damage, can jump 2 blocks high, and stretch themselves to attack.
Oiler's formula: They can generate oil on bonfires.
They help build with blueprints.
DQB2 MON 2.png
Sunny Sands
DQB2 MON 11.png
Blossom Bay Airlift: They can help the builder fly. They can shoot fireballs when flying. They can cook.
DQB2 MON 12.png
Hocus Chimaera
Iridescent Island
DQB2 MON 13.png
Cosmic Chimaera
Rimey Reef
DQB2 MON 23.png
Muddy Hand
Soggy Skerry Mud, Paper, Scissors: They play their favorite game with residents.
Manual dexterity: They can craft items.
DQB2 MON 24.png
Bloody Hand
Unholy Holm
DQB2 MON 28.png
Walking Corpse
Soggy Skerry Barftender: They help make drinks in casks.
DQB2 MON 29.png
Corpse Corporal
Laguna Perfuma
DQB2 MON 30.png
Rimey Reef
DQB2 MON 33.png
Soggy Skerry Meet and Gooreet: They can copy the behavior of Dancers. They can ocasionally serve drinks.
Heal: They casts Heal, when in party.
DQB2 MON 59.png
Sunny Sands Excavator: They can destroy (weak) walls marked with smashing signs, when in party. They help build with blueprints.
DQB2 MON 60.png
Iridescent Island
DQB2 MON 82.png
Living Statue
Rimey Reef
(Super strong monster)
Dye hard: They can use stain extractors to generate dye.
Mimicry: When They stand next to another living statue, they can imitate it.
DQB2 MON 83.png
Stone Guardian
Unholy Holm
(Super strong monster)
DQB2 MON 106.png
Powie Yowie
Rimey Reef Snow Business: They can terraform into snow fields.
DQB2 MON 107.png
Killing Machine
Laguna Perfuma Agritech: They will farm in 3x3 areas as opposed to farmers doing 1x1 areas.
DQB2 MON 108.png
Hunter Mech
Rimey Reef
(Super strong monster)
DQB2 MON 115.png
Liquid Metal Slime
Laguna Perfuma
(Super strong monster)
Squish chase: Once a day, they can be chased for 100 gratitude points.
DQB2 MON 129.png
Sunny Sands
(Super strong monster)
Desert Course: They can terraform tiles into desert.
Hard target: They can use Selflessness to protect the party.
They help build with blueprints.
The builder can ride them: they can smash spaces of 10x10x10 with their attacks.
DQB2 MON 130.png
Stone Golem
Iridescent Island
(Super strong monster)
DQB2 MON 131.png
Gold Golem
Coral Cay
(Super strong monster)
DQB2 MON 134.png
Great Sabrecub
Blossom Bay Mount: The builder can ride them: They have increased movement speed, can jump 2.5 blocks high, and even double-jump.
DQB2 MON 135.png
Great Sabrecat
Soggy Skerry
(Super strong monster)
Mount: The builder can ride them: They has even more increased movement speed, can jump 3 blocks high, and even double-jump.

There are other friendly monsters in Builders 2 such as Wrigley, Jules, Captain Whitebones, Arisplotle, Hellen, Gremville, Griswold, or the Ghostly Guest from Furrowfield, Khrumble-Dun, or Malhalla.

However they are not listed here because they are specific characters who happen to be monsters, not regular monsters who can join the builder.