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Japanese name モンばあ
Title Monster Meal Maker (former)
Race Human

Molly is an eldery prisoner from Skeletraz in Dragon Quest Builders 2 who teaches the Builder how to tame friendly monsters.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

Molly is first encountered when the Builder and Malroth are imprisoned in Skeletraz. Molly is usually at the entrance of the storage in the prison, near a fireplace. She helps the builder prepare the escape from Skepetraz, and at certain point she gives the Builder the Wrangler's Ring, a key tool that allows players to befriend friendly monsters. If monsters show interest in joining the party, giving them some monster munchies will seal the deal.

Molly got imprisoned over forty years prior to meeting Malroth and the Builder, due to her love of cooking. She used to cook for humans and monsters alike, thing that the Children of Hargon forbid claiming humans and monsters cannot be friends.

Despite the fact that she stays in Skeletraz when the group leaves, Molly can later be recruited for the Isle of Awakening at the epilogue island, alongside some of the friendly monsters from Malhalla.


  • Molly is a female counterpart of Monty, an old man who teaches the player about taming monsters in Dragon Quest V and VII.
  • Her prisoner number in Skeletraz was 784.
  • Malroth calls her Old Lady Cooks-No-More
  • She may be one of the only characters who is not from the world of illusion.