Fert Isle

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Fert Isle is one of the seven islands in the Green Bays archipelago in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. It is a Danger Rank S island and, although the story begins here, the last of the islands accessed in the game. The environment is quite overgrown and jungle-like. Like most of the other locations, Fert Isle contains a Scoutpost, where the player can save the game, rest, reorganize the party, etc. Black Jacques can be found here after Dr. Snap has run off with the Incarnus.

Fert Isle, once the gate is unlocked, is the only way to reach CELL Headquarters, where Warden Trump, can be found.

The Diamagon can transform into a Wulfspade ace if brought to the final shrine's Nexus. Guarding this sacred place is a diabolical Demon-at-arms. The ability book "The Art of Vanishing", which teaches the hero to Vanish is awarded to him upon its defeat. If the shrine on Celeste Isle has not been completed yet, the hero will encounter Great dragon instead, and the Incarnus will transform into Diamagon. He receives a copy of "Whistling for Dummies", which teaches him Whistle.

The Obsidian sword can be found here, inside a tree with a Boss troll guarding it.




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