Celeste Isle

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Celeste Isle is one of the seven islands in the Green Bays archipelago in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Celeste Isle is split up into two sections: North (Danger Rank A) and South (Danger Rank B). It is the sixth island accessed in the game, after Infern Isle. Like most of the other locations, Celeste Isle contains a Scoutpost, where the player can save the game, rest, reorganize the party, etc. However, the Scoutpost is available only for the South side. A Medical Console can be found on the North side.

Two connecting dungeons, the Sun Temple and the Moon Temple, are also found here.

The Cluboon can transform into a Diamagon if brought to the third shrine's Nexus. Guarding this sacred place is a deadly Great Dragon. The ability book "Whistling for Dummies", which teaches the hero Whistle is awarded to him upon its defeat. If the shrine on Fert Isle has already been completed, the hero receives a copy of "The Art of Vanishing", which teaches him to Vanish.