Infant Isle

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Infant Isle is one of the seven islands in the Green Bays archipelago in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. It is a Danger Rank F island and the second island accessed in the game, after Domus Isle. Like most of the other locations, Infant Isle contains a Scoutpost, where the player can save the game, rest, reorganize the party, etc.

Scoutmaster Shuffles, an old man in a tent usually accompanied by two other people, is the holder of the Monster Scout Proficiency Test and the Advanced Monster Scout Proficiency Test. The player is rewarded by eventually bringing twenty different monsters the old man is looking for.

It is here, at the very top of Infant Isle, at the site of the Scout's Pledge tablet, that the Hero first catches a glimpse of the Incarnus, as Solitaire angrily tries to scout it and fails.