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001 - A slime sofubi monster.

The Dragon Quest Sofubi Monster line of vinyl figures released by Square Enix began in 2007, with the latest additions released in August 2012. The company usually releases additions to the line in sets of four, though the more recent releases have been in sets of three or even two.

Released Figures[edit]

So far, Square Enix has released the following products in this line:

Online at Square Enix Shop[edit]

As of March 2011, the Square Enix Shop lists the following figures available for purchase in North America:

  • 001 Slime
  • 004 Psaro the Manslayer
  • 006 Slime Knight
  • 007 King Slime
  • 010 Nimzo
  • 011 Gigantes
  • 013 Estark
  • 014 Killing Machine

Future Releases[edit]

It is unknown if Square Enix will release additional figures.

Big Sofubi Monster[edit]

The following larger verions have also been released:

Limited Metallic Color Version[edit]

Starting December 31, 2009, Square Enix made the following available in a limited edition metallic paint scheme:

Sample Gallery[edit]

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