Claw breaker

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#93 - Claw breaker
Clawbeast DQVII PSX.gif
HP MP Experience Gold
112 0 57 18
Attack Defense Speed
92 70 77
Dropped Item Iron Claw (1/64)
Locations Gorges
Skills Chilly Breath
Call for Help (Heal slime)
Family Aquatics
Capture Rate 164
Bestiary # 93
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Claw breaker (formerly ClawBeast) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII. It can be found in the Dark Cloud Maze in the past, the Labres region in the past, and the Lake Altar Cave in Disc 2. It is also one of the forms that a WonderEgg will become when it hatches.


Grinning green malicious monsters that grind their grim claws against the ground the sharpen them before using them to slice at enemies and attackers. Smarter than their inane grins make them seem, they are capable of calling heal slimes to help them mend mid-battle. They also have a back up breath attack, cool breath to blow ice at all enemies.

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