Malign vine

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#289 - HellVine
HP MP Experience Gold
1300 255 1650 2100
Attack Defense Speed
Dropped Item Wind Shard
Locations Nottagen
Skills Two Turns
Venom Mist
Spells Fizz
Family Plant
Bestiary # 289
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Malign vine (formerly HellVine) is a monster in the game Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. It is a much more powerful version of the similar Gripevine.


After the defeat of the dark dragon Sulkk, the returned sunlight nurtures the Malign Vine hiding under Nottagen and causes it to begin attacking the town. This infernal flower sports a massive red budding head with no eyes, only a yellow-lipped mouth full of terribly sharp teeth and a long, green tongue protruding out of its monstrous maw. Capable of envenomating enemies with the drool that drips from its menacing mouth and flinging out Dazzleflash, making it even harder for foes to fight off its vile vines. It uses its writhing roots to put its enemies out of action.

Writhing root[edit]



Fiendish thorny vines that creep from the ground and crush innocents in their gnarly grip after bursting forth from the earth. A part of the deadly, dark fearing plant monster, malign vine, there is an almost endedless amount of these vile viney roots until the powerful plant is put to rest.


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