Dragonlord's great-great-grandson

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Dragonlord's great-great-grandson
Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line
Sprite(s) Dq2dragonlordsgrandson-sprite-NES.gif
Japanese name 竜王のひ孫
Family Dragonlord (Ancestor)

The Dragonlord's great-great-grandson (previously considered his grandson or great-grandson) is a non-player character in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line.


Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

The Dragonlord's great-great-grandson resides in Charlock Castle and stands in the same location where his great-great-grandfather stood in Dragon Quest. However, rather than fighting the trio, he instead offers critical advice about defeating Hargon. In particular, he describes that the 5 Sigils must be gathered from around the world of Torland, starting with the one in the island Lighthouse south of where Cantlin once stood.

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After Hargon and Malroth's defeat, the Dragonlord's great-great-grandson suggest that he and the trio be friends. He also muses in giving the Hero and himself nicknames, calling the Hero "My Dearest Dragon Warrior" and declaring himself as "Your Dashing Dragonliness."

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

The Dragonlord's great-great-grandson makes an appearances in the Dragon Quest 2 event for Dragon Quest Tact. Unlike to his past representations, his physical portrayal actually differs slightly from how Dragonlord is portrayed, the Dragonlord's great-great-grandson being more purple in skin tone and sporting a warm purple robe and differently designed amulet.


  • While his exact familial relationship to the Dragonlord has changed several times in English releases, he has consistently been labeled as Dragonlord's great-grandchild in Japanese.
  • In the Japanese versions of Dragon Quest 2, the nickname he gives the Hero is based on the first two to four characters of his name followed by the honorific "chan", while the name he gives himself is "Ryu-chan."