List of shrines and teleportals in Dragon Quest II

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The following is a list of shrines in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line.

Fire Shrine[edit]

The Fire Shrine is a teleportal hub. It is also the location of the Sun Sigil.

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Rain Shrine[edit]

See main article: Rain Shrine

Rubiss Shrine[edit]

The Rubiss Shrine is located on a tiny island south of Midenhall. It is where the heroes receive the Eye of Rubiss after collecting the 5 Sigils.

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Shrine north of Beran[edit]

The shrine north of Beran provides access to the town of Beran.

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Shrine northeast of Midenhall[edit]

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Shrine of Rendarak[edit]

The shrine of Rhone is the only landmark aside from the Hall of Hargon atop the Plateau of Rendarak. The priest will fully restore/revive any of the characters, as well as permit game saving.

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Other notable attributes[edit]

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

Shrine south of Midenhall[edit]

The shrine contains a Teleportal to Dirkandor Castle.

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Shrine south of Rendarak[edit]

The shrine south of the frozen plateau connects to the entrance to the Cave to Rendarak. It is accessible only from Beran.

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Shrine west of Cannock[edit]

The shrine west of Cannock connects the large northern and central continents in Torland. It's access is blocked until The Prince of Midenhall is joined by The Prince of Cannock.

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Shrine west of Rippleport[edit]

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Shrine west of Moonbrooke[edit]

The shrine west of Moonbrooke crosses a river and provides passage from Moonbrooke to the Dragons Horn. The Prince of Midenhall and Prince of Cannock will be denied passage though, until the Princess of Moonbrooke is with them.

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Shrine west of Zahan[edit]

This Shrine can be entered through a Teleportal from Midenhall Castle.

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Southern Shrine[edit]

See main article: Southern Shrine

Map & Gallery[edit]

  • Rupugana Shrine/Shrine west of Rippleport
  • Flame Shrine/Fire Shrine
  • N. Lorasia Shrine/Shrine northeast of Midenhall
  • S. Lorasia Shrine/Shrine south of Midenhall
  • Samaltria Shrine/Shrine west of Cannock
  • Rondarkia Shrine/Shrine of Rendarak
  • Spirit Shrine/Rubiss Shrine
  • Shrine west of Moonbrooke
  • Beranoor Shrine/Shrine north of Beran
  • Shrine west of Zahan
  • Holy Shrine/Southern Shrine
  • Rondarkia Mountain Shrine/Shrine south of Rendarak