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Leftwyne is a village in northeastern Torland in Dragon Quest II. It is west of Midenhall and south of Cannock.


Leftwyne is the meeting place for the Prince of Midenhall and the Prince of Cannock. This occurs only after the Prince of Midenhall has visited Cannock and the Spring of Bravery, returned to Midenhall, back to Cannock, and then finally to Leftwyne once more. The Prince of Cannock is then staying at the inn.

Being the first town of II, Leftwyne introduces a few concepts that would become standard for the series, namely a luck-baed mini game in the Tombola service and an inn that charges more gold for a larger party to stay.


Weapon & Armor (NES, GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Club 60 +8 Attack
Copper Sword 100 +10 Attack
Magic Knife (Knife) 200 +12 Attack
Chain Sickle (Sickle) 390 (330) +15 Attack
Chain Mail 480 (390) +12 Defense
Leather Shield 90 +4 Defense

Item Shop (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Medical Herb 15 Heals a small amount of HP
Antidote Herb 8 Cures poison
Wing of the Wyvern 80 Returns you to your last save location
Item Shop (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Herb 10 Heals a small amount of HP
Antidote 8 Cures poison
Warp Wing 25 Returns you to your last save location


Price per person
6 Gold Coins

Other services[edit]

   Bank icon.png    This location includes a bank or vault.

   Lottery icon.png    The lottery can be played at this location.

Nearby monsters[edit]


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Locked doors[edit]