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The Erdrick Trilogy refers to the first three games in the main Dragon Quest series. These titles share a similar setting and timeline, and feature a recurring theme of a bloodline chosen by divinity to repel diabolical forces that want to conquer the kingdom of Alefgard. The eponymous series takes its name from Erdrick, the original savior of the land.


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Dragon Quest III is chronologically the first game in the trilogy. It tells the story of Erdrick freeing his native homeland from the threat of Baramos and descending to Alefgard to defeat the arch-fiend Zoma. After vanquishing him, Erdrick is trapped in Alefgard when the cleft between worlds closes.

Dragon Quest tells the story of a descendant of Erdrick stepping forward to defeat a new evil foe who has taken up residence in Charlock Castle. The new hero follows in his fore-bearer's footsteps and must regain their equipment in order to defeat the Dragonlord and restore order. Upon his victory, the hero and Princess Gwaelin leave Alefgard to explore and found new kingdoms in foreign regions.

Dragon Quest II begins with a demonic siege on the kingdom of Moonbrooke, one of many kingdoms founded by the hero of Dragon Quest I, by the mad priest Hargon and his apocalyptic cult. In response, the Prince of Midenhall is sent by his father to join forces with his cousins to stamp out the mad man's ambitions. The Prince of Midenhall, the Prince of Cannock, and the Princess of Moonbrooke travel together throughout Alefgard and the greater the world Torland, saving villages and towns from the cult's invasions before attacking the heart of evil in the frozen plateau of Rendarak.

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