Cyber bully

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Cyber bullies are cybernetic Heavy hoods modernized for mechanized manslaughter.


The cyber bully has a blue-toned skin similar to the hoodlum, but its cowl and cape are light purple instead of navy blue. Their metal enhancements include armour plating on the shoulders, thighs, knees, and shins, as well as the undersides of their forearms. Half of their head is a copper-coloured helmet that is seemingly bolted into the cranium over their cowl, which has an artificial eye. Even their axe is mechanical, featuring gears behind both blades and a power meter on the side.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Cyber bully Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
Portrait Forte Treasure Capacity Safekeeping Score
Cyber bully DQTR portrait.png DQTR Scan Forte Icon.png 4 85%
Bestiary no. #57
Family Humanoid
Trivia A battle machine and a powerful brute
They slaughter their foes and find it a hoot
The name of their maker is up for dispute
Favorite foods Nobbling noodles icon.pngNo-nonsense nobbling noodles icon.pngBurger on the bone DQTR icon.pngDeluxe burger on the bone DQTR icon.png
Habitats The Maneland
The Snarl
Item(s) dropped Princely powder dqtr icon.pngAggressence dqtr icon.png
Starting HP Starting MP Starting Strength
56 12 20
Starting Defence Starting Deftness Starting magic
5 12 13
Max HP Max MP Max Strength
952 300 440
Max Defence Max Deftness Max magic
417 425 300
Potential abilities *
First Second Third
Axing for Trouble Beaming Smile Bellyflop
Fourth Fifth Sixth
Chop Spin Meditation Sundown Slash
Dragon Attack
Name Target(s) Element
Bomblastic Area Explosion
First Second
Healthy Advantage Lone Wolf
Third Fourth
Restless Heart Slim pickings
Spiky Skin
Fire Resistance * Water
Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
Strong Weak Normal Strong
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Gravity Resistance *
Strong Normal Weak Weak
Light Resistance * Dark Resistance * Slash Resistance Impact Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Piercing Resistance Sleep Resistance Stun Resistance Poison Resistance
Normal Quite strong Quite strong Very strong
Debilitation Resistance *

Hooded homies[edit]