The Snarl

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The Snarl is a dungeon found in Dragon Quest Treasures. It is a bottomless labyrinth found in a different dimension that is accessed through Draconia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The entrance to the snarl is found in the depths of Eggshell Island in the center of Draconia, and was used as a store room by the Trans-Draconic Railway Company for several years. In truth, the snarl was created as a way to test the purity of humans and monsters that seek the fabled island of gold known as La Isla Dorada, which was separated from the rest of the archipelago in the past due to the ambition of one of the founders of the T.D.R.C.

The player is first guided to the snarl by Mr Euston, who requests that the company banner be retrieved from the cellar. The flag is kept in a large chest on the second floor that also houses a tablet inscribed in a mysterious script: Purrsula and Porcus are able to translate it, revealing a clue to the whereabouts of the Lapis Tail, one of the seven dragonstones. Purrsula proposes that the snarl may house clues for the remaining six stones as well, before Mia pulls the group away to inspect a large chart pinned to the wall. The chart details to the locations of all seven stones and mentions a cloud compass being the key to finding the lost island of La Isla Dorada. The group makes a note to explore the snarl later once the excavations have cleared away the dirt and rubble.

The player will need to raise their gang to rank 4 before being able to explore the first section of the snarl, requiring 10,000,000 total vault value. From there each new floor is excavated upon reaching rank 6, 8, & 10, requiring a total vault value of 250,000,000.

1st floor[edit]

The recommended level for this floor is 10, which the player will have easily surpassed by this point in the game. The boss at the end is a Golden goliath and defeating the big galoot grants the player five chunks of Sanguinite and a tablet leading to the location of the Amber Horn on Cinderback Ridge.

2nd floor[edit]

The recommended level is 20, and the boss is an Ultra marine. Defeating him nets the player 15,000 gold and five more chunks of sanguinite.

3rd floor[edit]

Players should be at least level 30 before facing Proudmane, the sentinel of cinders and boss of this floor. Clobbering the cat nets the Sapphire Eye.

4th floor[edit]

Rimeblood, the sentinel of the snows, is the final boss of the regular floors of the snarl and will yield the Ruby Heart when defeated.

Endless floors[edit]

The final section of the snarl is unlocked once Long John Silverbones is defeated, and is an endless series of floors filled with poerful monsters. The first floor's monsters start at level 50 and will level up by 10 each time a boss is defeated. The boss monsters appear every tenth floor and are randomly selected from Gigantes, Great sabrecats, Hoodlums, Killing machines, King slimes, Loss leaders, Orcs, Restless armours, & Wight kings.

Floors consisting of nothing but metal slimes or golden monsters will also appear randomly.


  • The Snarl's Japanese name is a cheeky reference to Akira Toriyama's seminal Dragon Ball manga, being the literal translation of the title into kanji.