Eggshell Island

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Eggshell Island is the party's base of operations in Dragon Quest Treasures. True to it's name, it is an island surrounded by shards of a hatched egg floating in the center of the Draconia archipelago.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Eggshell Island is where Erik and Mia head to after the latter reunites with her missing brother in the forgotten factory section of The Paternoggin, due to the derelict train parked at the top of the factory reactivating in response to the presence of the children's Dragon Daggers.

The island was the headquarters of the once-prosperous Trans-Draconic Railway Company, but the operation fell on hard times and folded some years prior to the game's events with naught but unused service lines and a dilapidated building to show for it. The standing chairman of the company, Mr Euston, quickly enlists the aid of the children to help get the train stations on each island up and running once more, in exchange for being allowed to use Eggshell Island as the home base for their treasure hunting adventure as well as taking company employees along on their excursions for extra help. With the help of the other two remaining TDRC emplyees, Miss Cecily and Mr Muddimer, the kids are able to recruit a variety of tradesmen to help get the company back on it's feet, including an Orc hired to serve as an excavation foreman clearing out the rubble in the island's basement. During the course of the game it is revealed that these lower floors are in fact The Snarl, a small dimension of dungeons that can be accessed via floating teleportals found only on Eggshell.


  • The island does not have a proper name in the Japanese version, where it is simply referred to as the base or base island.