Mr Euston

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Mr Euston
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Thomasson.png
Japanese name トマソン
Romaji Tomason
Title Railway afficionado
Voice actor Shouta Aoi

Mr Euston (トマソン, Tomason) is a character from Dragon Quest Treasures. He is the chairman, chief engineer, and station master of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company.

He is a light-grey restless armor who supervises the trains in Draconia. Mr Euston wears a purple uniform with golden accents, and its matching hat. He also carries a whistle and a red bag.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mr Euston was an employee of the T.D.R.C. in it's heyday, working under the company founder Mr Stephenson at the headquarters on Eggshell Island. Though he was ignorant of the cause, he was present when the spectral bloodlines intertwining the islands that the company cars ran on were destroyed and could do nothing to prevent the company from going under when the trains became inoperable. The situation turned even more dire as Mr Stephenson passed way from the heartache of the disaster, with every employee but himself, Miss Cecily, and Mr Muddimer resigning from their positions. The trio would not give in to despair, however, and remained ever hopeful that they could restore the company to it's former glory one day.

This hope would manifest when two blue-haired, blue-eyed children named Erik and Mia would stumble into the world of Draconia from Erdrea, and find themselves at Eggshell Island after one of the derelict trains suddenly began to operate all on its own in their presence. Mr Euston would be the first to greet the newcomers and, upon learning of their situation and their eagerness for treasure hunting, offered them a deal: they would have free reign of the facilities on Eggshell Island, even being allowed to rename it, in exchange for helping revitalize the bloodlines connecting the islands of Draconia and getting the corporate machine up and running again.

Mr Euston would come to be reunited with his former employer by the time the player restores the train stations on Cinderback Ridge, the Hinterquarters, the Maneland, and the Wingswept Moors: he will notify the children that he has received a letter claiming to be from the late Mr Stephenson that requests an audience with the two at the forsaken station. This unrealized train station lies on Lickspittle Grove, which is the underside of the Paternoggin and can be accessed via the Thunderous Plunderers' camp. The children will indeed meet the ghost of Mr Stephenson, now a shadow minister doomed to wander between this life and the next due to his unfulfilled goals. The bag of bones humbly requests that the children fufil his dream and accomplish what he could not, establishing a complete circuit across Draconia by activating the forsaken station.

Porcus and Purrsula speak with Mr Euston while Erik and Mia energize the station, allowing a car carrying every station master to arrive. Mr Euston and the others announce that they've been hard at work upgrading the locomotives, and now they've perfected the design into an engine powerful enough to make a complete circuit across the islands. Mr Stephenson is besides himself in gratitude and begins to ascend to the heavens now that his dream is fulfilled, being saluted by Mr Euston. The restless armour then turns and thanks the children for all they've done to help get the T.D.R.C up and running at full capacity once more, and gives them a model train while affirming that the brother and sister will always have the support of the station masters.


His appearance and mannerisms are extremely similar to the Conductor, a character in the manga and anime series Galaxy Express 999.