Trans-Draconic Railway Company

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The Trans-Draconic Railway Company (竜の鉄道カンパニー, Ryu no Tetsudou kanpani) is a transportation business serving the inhabitants of Draconia.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The company was founded by a Mr Stephenson several decades prior to the events of the game, with the assistance of an unknown benefactor. With the company headquarters constructed on Eggshell Island, Mr Stephenson set to work design, assembling, and testing the trains that would transport passengers all across the floating archipelago: the secret to the company's success were the bloodlines, the remaining life force of Madra and Padra that lingered in their fossilized remains and crisscrossed the seven islands in such a way as to serve as spectral railways for the trains. The trains themselves were fueled by sanguinite, the crystallized blood of the legendary dragons that could be mined from the surface of the islands.

The T.D.R.C. saw tremendous success in its heyday, with Mr Stephenson's dream of his company building enough stations to make a complete circuit around Draconia tantalizingly close, but disaster struck when the golden sovreign's greed got the better of him and he ventured to the forbidden island of La Isla Dorada. This section of Draconia was for the gods alone to tread, and his setting foot there upon caused it to be rendered from the archipelago, drifting away towards the firmament of the world and becoming lost to the inhabitants of Draconia. This rendering severed the bloodlines and left the trains unable to travel between destinations--worse yet was that sanguinite suddenly became inexplicably scare and the trains totally inoperable. Several were left to rust at their stations as derelicts and several company employees, Miss Kensington, Mr Baker, Mr Banks, & Mr Victor, resigned under the circumstances with only Mr Euston, Miss Cecily, and Mr Muddimer remaining onboard.

Unable to salvage his company under these harsh conditions, Mr Stephenson entered a deep depression that eventually claimed his life and left him to linger on in the physical world in the form of a shadow minister. Mr Euston would take charge of the company as the new chairman out of necessity and make several attempts to revitalize the company. Thanks to the magic of the dragon daggers revitalizing the bloodlines after Erik and Mia stumble upon on of the abandoned trains at the top of The Paternoggin, Mr Euston quickly strikes a deal with the children so that they can use the company headquarters as their base of operations for their treasure hunt on the grounds that they accumulate enough sanguinite to get the other stations up and running.

The siblings uphold their end of the bargain and restore every station, with the company's former employees returning to their old posts. The children are even able to complete the island circuit, fulfilling Mr Stephenson's dream and allowing the founder to pass on to the afterlife.