La Isla Dorada

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Las Isla Dorada is the fabled lost island of the Draconian archipelago, and is said to be home to the treasure of treasures. In order to reach the land of riches that drifts unendingly above the clouds, one must first assemble the seven dragonstones scattered throughout Draconia in order to be guided by the cloud compass.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

La Isla Dorada is a fairly small island that can be separated into three sections: an open area littered in gold coins and precious gems, a small inner shrine, and an open-air temple that overlooks the vast skies. The inner shrine greatly resembles the Erdrea island shrine where Erik and Mia found the dragon daggers at the beginning of their adventure, even down to having identical plinths for the knives to be inserted into. The temple section features statues of Hornbull, Proudmane, and Rimeblood with golden masks, facing a raised altar on which the seven dragonstones are meant to be placed.

The island floated amongst the other islands of Draconia in the distant past long before the events of the game, but was deemed a holy ground upon which none of the inhabitants could set foot upon. The only person to trespass the domain was the Golden Sovereign, the mysterious benefactor who aided Mr Stephenson in the founding of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company, and his greed lead to the spirits of Madra and Padra separating the island from the archipelago to drift aimlessly in the open skies. This transgression would also spell disaster for the railway company as the precious sanguinite necessary to fuel the trains became scarce enough to bring the company to ruin, and the Sovereign disappeared from Draconia.

La Isla Dorada serves as the final battleground of the game, having first been reached by Long John Silverbones after the pirate stole the dragonstones from the blue-haired children. The siblings are unable to summon the cloud compass to pursue Silverbones, but are able to follow his trail with the help of Wyndy, the captain of the Sylphanian airship. The fight for the seven stones and the right to obtain the treasure of treasures take place in the temple section with the sunlight reflecting off the sea of clouds in the background. After emerging victorious, the children are sent a vision by the spirits of Madra and Padra and use their dragon daggers to channel their energy into the dragonstones after setting them on the altar, transforming the gems into an egg. It hatches almost immediately into a baby dragon that would later be named Elys.

The island can be reached in the post game via a teleportal that appears in the corner of Eggshell Island, where Silverbones can be fought again once the questline with his first-mate Gustav has been completed.


  • La Isla Dorada is Spanish for The Golden Island. The use of the feminine La instead of the masculine Los is possibly an allusion to Madra and Padra intending for the island to be the birthplace of their child