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Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name トラム
Romaji Toramu
Race Human

Tramonty is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures. He is the latest addition to the Sylphanian Expedition and is eager to prove himself along with his Dune stalker partner.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Tramonty was selected by Princess Anemone to investigate the stone tablets found on The Maneland and The Hinterquarters. The task is a bit of a tall order for the young lad, however, and he needs help from Mia and Erik to complete his mission. The three meet up at Hotbreath Halt station on the maneland when the Princess asks the siblings to check on her scouts, on account of being worried for them due to being so long since their last reports.

Helping the boy will reward the blue-haired children with a green key that can open any matching chest, a statue of Wingstone, Princess Anemone's hades condor, and a chimaera wing.


  • Tramonty bemoans the fact that he has felt the Princess' fury more than most members of the expedition, with the royal heir flying off the handle whenever he does something that could endanger himself. The reason for her anger has flown clear over his head, as is typical for a boy his age.


  • Tramonty takes his name from tramontane, the root word for north winds in several European languages