Thunderous Plunderers

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The Thunderous Plunderers (ギンギーラ空賊団, lit. Gingira sky pirates) are the primary villains of Dragon Quest Treasures, scouring the islands of Draconia for the legendary dragonstones.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The Plunderers are a much-dreaded crew of pirates that number more than one hundred members strong, with their ranks consisting of humans and monsters. The crew is lead by Captain Long John Silverbones, a menacing skeleton who embodies the worst traits of pirates and seeks only to amass a great horde of wealth. The captain has taken a small division of the crew with him to Draconia to locate the dragonstones.

The main colors of the crew are black, purple, and yellow, with several members also wearing silver pyramidal studs for accessories. Like many real-life pirate crews, the gang has taken in people from all walks of life and the only criteria for retaining admittance is competency in acquiring treasures; something the player witnesses first-hand when Silverbones expels Mogsworth for only amassing a small haul of junk during his time in the group. Despite the looming threat of being kicked out for not living up to the captain's standards the crew remains fiercely loyal to the bag of bones, with his two first-mates Bonnie and Gustav standing out in particular.

Being the first rival gang the player encounters, the Thunderous Plunderers are among the most frequent to raid Eggshell Island for the treasures set on display in the main building. No less than three different teams will attempt these raids at random intervals by the time of the post-game.

Known members:

Base raiding members:

Heartless hunter DQTR portrait.jpg Lethal armour DQTR portrait.jpg Sham hamwitch DQTR portrait.jpg Umbra DQTR portrait.jpg Wight king DQTR portrait.jpg