Shady and Shambles

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Shady and Shambles
Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Shambles & Shady.png
Japanese name ツナマン
Romaji Tsunaman
Race Shadow
Sham hatwitch
Voice actor Shady: Daisuke Ono
Nick Blakeley
Shambles: Yukari Tamura
Emma Balantine

Shady & Shambles are a pair of peculiar pirates belonging to the Thunderous Plunderers crew.

Appearances and personalities[edit]

Shady is a shadow whose colour gradient goes from dark blue at the tips of his wings, a very bale blue for his body, and terminates on his tail in a deep purple. Shambles is a black-furred, purple-skinned sham hatwitch; the two of them cannot wear the black buccaneer cloak uniforms seen throughout the crew, and instead maintain the punk fashion standard by wearing spiked wrist guards, lightning bolt eye tattoos, and in Shambles' case silver studs on her hat.

The duo is a pair of bunglers that served as subordinates of Admiral Mogsworth prior to his expulsion from the crew by Captain Long John Silverbones, and are described as being low ranking within the group. Shady isn't very bright and often forgets key details regarding his assignments and Shambles often loses her temper around him, but the pair are totally inseparable despite this.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Shambles and Shady are first encountered by the player when Mia awakens in the Plunderers' pirate camp on the Lickspittle side of the Paternoggin. They are under orders from Mogsworth to not let her leave the base on the grounds that the island is too dangerous for a little girl, but as it turns out Shady has forgotten where he buried his prized Restless heart and Shambles is willing to look the other way if the girl can help them find it.

The duo is next found hanging out at the Swoop Swamp station on the Wingswept Moors, where they propose a series of balloon-popping challenges to the player: first 10, then 25, 40, 60, and another 40, all of which are scattered throughout Draconia. These balloons are bright yellow with a purple mark and thus cannot be missed, and any catapult ammo will suffice to burst them. The rewards for completing these sniping missions are a statue of Shady's own shadow, a replica of the balloons, Shady's prized restless heart, a statue of the duo, and finally a replica of Silverbones' very own ship.

Plot-wise, Shady and Shambles are a part of the team that first mate Bonnie uses during the fight to defend the amethyst fang Dragonstone Silverbones gave her. Bonnie blames her loss on the duo and promptly fires them, much to their dismay. This termination is not long lived though, as Gustav uses them in his raid on Eggshell Island to serve as a means to distract the blue-haired children while their captain steals all seven dragonstones. Gustav has a higher opinion of the two than Bonnie, stating his shock and frustration that the most powerful monsters in the crew were defeated by mere children.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi[edit]

Shady and Shambles were added to the game as bosses on May 11th 2023.


  • Accord to the description of Shady's shadow, it is totally detachable: one must wonder if he forgets where he leaves it as he often does with his other possessions.