Miss Kensington

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Miss Kensington
Dragon Quest Treasures
Japanese name イムレン
Romaji Imuren
Race Restless armour

Miss Kensington is a character in Dragon Quest Treasures, being one of the employees of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. She is a green Restless armour wearing the company uniform of a navy blue jacket with a matching cap. She is the most emotional of the four station managers, becoming overwrought with joy as the company gets back in working order.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Miss Kensington is the station manager of The Wingswept Moors, specifically Swoopswamp Station on the eastern edge of the island. She is the only female station attendant, and had left the company some time prior to the beginning of the game due to the inoperability of the trains following the separation of La Isla Dorada from the whole of Draconia. This catastrophe damaged the bloodline rails that the trains ran on and rendered the sole fuel source, Sanguinite, exceedingly rare: with no trains to run, Miss Kensington, Mr Baker, Mr Banks, and Mr Victor resigned.

Thanks to the vitality of the bloodlines being restored by the dragon daggers owned by Erik and Mia, Miss Kensington resumes her position as manager of the moors and requests that the children help her fully restore the remaining three facilities on the verdant isle. The reward for doing so is the recipe for hair-raising wraith risotto, a replica of a chunk of sanguinite, and a chimaera wing.


  • Miss Kensington's name is based on the rail-and-tube hybrid Kensington station that serves central London