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Japanese スリングショット
Romaji Suringu shotto
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Fires ballistics

The catapult is a slingshot used by Erik and Mia during their adventure in Dragon Quest Treasures. It is a multipurpose tool that is able to launch a variety of projectiles that can hinder enemies and aid allies. The might of a volley depends on the quality of the projectile itself, the vulnerability of the target to the projectile's element, and the strength stat of the child shooting.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Erik uses the slingshot to free Porcus and Purrsula from the cage they are imprisoned in during the opening segment of the game. Mia will be given her own during the initial exploration of The Paternoggin while she looks for her separated brother, and the player is taught to rely on the long-ranged combat it provides during the boss battle with a Heartless hunter.

As there is no armour to equip in Treasures and the blue-haired siblings are squashy little children, it is important to make full use of the catapult during intense battles by keeping the two as far away from the action as possible and to only rely on the dragon daggers when totally necessary. Fortunately for the kids there is a wide variety of ammo that can cover almost any situation the player may encounter and most can be mass produced by Axel from materials foraged in the wilderness of Draconia. Of particular note are the buddy bullets that raise the chance of recruiting a monster by a fixed ammount.

Pebble icon.jpg Blade pellet icon.jpg Mallet pellet icon.jpg Spiky pellet icon.jpg
Pebble Blade pellet Mallet pellet Spiky pellet
Blade bomb icon.jpg Mallet bomb icon.jpg Spiky bomb icon.jpg
Blade bomb Mallet bomb Spiky bomb
Bang pellet icon.jpg Crack pellet icon.jpg Crag pellet icon.jpg Donk pellet icon.jpg Frizz pellet icon.jpg Sizz pellet icon.jpg Splish pellet icon.jpg Woosh pellet icon.jpg Zam pellet icon.jpg Zap pellet icon.jpg
Bang pellet Crack pellet Crag pellet Donk pellet Frizz pellet Sizz pellet Splish pellet Woosh pellet Zam pellet Zap pellet
Bang bomb icon.jpg Crack bomb icon.jpg Crag bomb icon.jpg Donk bomb icon.jpg Frizz bomb icon.jpg Sizz bomb icon.jpg Splish bomb icon.jpg Woosh bomb icon.jpg Zam bomb icon.jpg Zap bomb icon.jpg
Bang bomb Crack bomb Crag bomb Donk bomb Frizz bomb Sizz bomb Splish bomb Woosh bomb Zam bomb Zap bomb
Heal pellet icon.jpg Midheal pellet icon.jpg Fullheal pellet icon.jpg Multiheal pellet icon.jpg Omniheal pellet icon.jpg Addra pellet icon.jpg Addkabra pellet icon.jpg Addrakadabra pellet icon.jpg Panacea pellet icon.jpg Perfect panacea pellet icon.jpg
Heal pellet Midheal pellet Fullheal pellet Multiheal pellet Omniheal pellet Addra pellet Addkabra pellet Addrakadabra pellet Panacea pellet Perfect panacea pellet
Accelerate pellet icon.jpg Buff pellet icon.jpg Oomph pellet icon.jpg Ping pellet icon.jpg Blunt pellet icon.jpg Decelerate pellet icon.jpg Dim pellet icon.jpg Sap pellet icon.jpg
Accelerate pellet Buff pellet Oomph pellet Ping pellet Blunt pellet Decelerate pellet Dim pellet Sap pellet
Cryonising pellet icon.jpg Electrifying pellet icon.jpg Terraforming pellet icon.jpg Vulcanising pellet icon.jpg Dazzle pellet icon.jpg Fizzle pellet icon.jpg Snooze pellet icon.jpg Stun pellet icon.jpg Tox pellet icon.jpg
Cryonising pellet Electrifying pellet Terraforming pellet Vulcanising pellet Dazzle pellet Fizzle pellet Snooze pellet Stun pellet Tox pellet
Buddy bullet icon.jpg Better buddy bullet icon.jpg Best buddy bullet icon.jpg
Buddy bullet Better buddy bullet Best buddy bullet