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Dragon Quest Treasures
DQTR Purrsula.png
Japanese name ミューシャ
Romaji Myūsha
Family Porcus
Voice actor Satomi Arai
Laura Aikman

Purrsula is a character from Dragon Quest Treasures. She accompanies Erik and Mia during their adventure on Draconia alongside her twin brother Porcus.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Purrsula appears to be a pink cat with yellow eyes and small bat-like wings on her back, but she is in fact a junior goddess: her true appearance is not alluded to in detail, but she describes herself as being radiant.

She is the sassier and feistier of the twins, occasionally giving her brother grief for any number of things, but is affectionate towards the human children and Erik in particular. She enjoys perching on his shoulder when the two are at rest.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Purrsula and Porcus are twin divinity hatched from the same egg in The Garden of the Gods, a world that is separate from that of Erdrea and Draconia. As part of a coming-of-age ceremony, the two have been tasked by their elders to collect the seven stones found in the floating island chain with the caveat being that they cannot reveal their true forms nor use their natural power to the fullest extent. As such, Purrsula took the form of a pussy cat when first exploring Erdrea.

She and Porcus were captured by the group of vikings raising Erik and Mia sometime prior to the beginning of the game, and were suspended from a ship's mast in a cage. The children discover the odd looking animals when sneaking about for a bit of mischief, and Erik frees them with his catapult on Mia's behest. Purrsula and Porcus's animal noises cannot be understood by the siblings, but the four flee together when a viking inspects the commotion, with the group sailing off in an expedition vessel towards a mysterious island. The children weigh anchor to investigate and discover a small shrine housing two beautiful daggers on two crystalline plinths: freeing the knives allows the children to understand the junior gods' speech and generates a teleportal that sucks all four into the world of Draconia.

The group is separated upon entering the different dimension, with Purrsula and Erik landing in the forgotten factory at the tip of The Paternoggin. The duo are watched over by a Heartless hunter that serves as the game's first boss and are reunited with Mia and Porcus upon the machine's defeat. Mia gets the two up to speed on the rival groups of treasure hunters she and Porcus met on their way to reach them, the Thunderous Plunderers and Sylphanian Expedition, and the children are reminded of their goal of amassing as much treasure as they can. Exploring the factory further leads the group to a derelict train that has a curious reaction to the innate magic of the dragon daggers, generating enough power to send them off to Eggshell Island. The quartet is greeted by Mr Euston, who explains that the train was once part of an incredible Draconia-spanning railway service that has sense fallen on hard times.

Purrsula and Porcus have a private word and strike a deal with Mr Euston: the children will help repair the dilapidated train system in exchange for using Eggshell as their base of operations. The children are overjoyed to have a real treasure hunting operation of their own, and the little gods slowly reveal the nature of their plight over the course of the adventure, encouraging the kids to find the seven stones sooner rather than later.

The pursuit of these fabled gems takes the group through every nook and cranny of Draconia, amassing an incredible horde of treasure along the way. The treasure hunt concludes with a ferocious battle against Long John Silverbones on the long-lost La Isla Dorada, after which the dragonstones unite into the treasure of treasures: an egg that hatches into a baby dragon named Elys. Purrsula and her brother are floored at this twist and nervously wonder if their elder gods will accept this surprise as proof of their maturity as they technically did collect all seven dragonstones. Putting her worries aside, Purrsula sincerely thanks Erik and Mia for all they've done for herself and her brother before telling them that its time to depart from Draconia and return to both their worlds. The children and junior gods return to La Isla Dorada as it is the connecting point between Erdrea and Draconia, setting the dragon daggers back on their mysterious plinths. Purrsula and Porcus can no longer be understood by the children, and materialize a floating sailboat with their magic to ferry the siblings home as the employees of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company wave them all goodbye. With Erik and Mia safely back in Erdrea, Purrsula and her brother discard their animal forms and ascend to the heavens with Elys in tow, her test of maturity finally over...

...or so she thought, as the irate gods hurl Purrsula and Porcus straight back to Erdrea just a few days later after learning of what transpired on Draconia. Mia and Erik are shocked to see their friends again and, after retrieving the dragon daggers once more, are requested to help the pair find no less than fifty iconic-class treasures on Draconia. Being overjoyed to have their friends back as well as another excuse to traipse about for treasure, the children agree to help and the four set out on another quest throughout the floating islands.