Dragon daggers

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Dragon daggers
Japanese 竜の短剣
Romaji Ryu no tanken
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Several

The dragon daggers are a pair of pink and blue skeans that serve as multi-purpose tools in Dragon Quest Treasures, containing an incredible amount of magical energy that can be applied in a variety of ways. They serve as one of the primary weapons in the game, alongside the catapult. Their value extends beyond battle as well, as possessing the daggers allows the children to understand the godly speech of Porcus and Purrsula.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

The daggers are discovered by Erik and Mia on a small, mysterious island somewhere in the open seas of Erdrea during the game's opening section. They were set on large plinths that had crystalline outcroppings matching the colour of the dagger set in them; once removed, the daggers resonated with the children and opened a teleportal leading to Draconia and setting the two off on their first adventure.

The daggers are the melee weapon used by the children and are never replaced or upgraded, with their strength stat deciding damage. Naturally, the daggers use the slash element when factoring in the target's weakness or resistance level. The skivs are more than just weapons however, as they allow the siblings to spend their MP to heal themselves by holding the X button down, revive dead allies by standing close and channeling magic into them with the A button, and generate a treasure-seeking compass known as the Fortune Finder to help track down rare artifacts as the personal forte ability of Erik and Mia.

One of the most powerful aspects of the daggers is the Dragon Gauge, a meter that fills with energy the more the children and their allies pummel foes; once full, the energy can be spent in the form of almighty dragon attacks that inflict colossal damage to all enemies within the vicinity. The gauge can store up to three consecutive uses before reaching its limit.

Dragon Attack Monster family
Wild Side Erik & Mia
Meteoric Rise Slimes
Star Shower Drackies
Blackball Shadows
Hat's Magic Hexing hogs
Gold Crush Muddy hands
Call the Cavalry Orcs
Gigagash Living armours
Blizzard of Ooze Royal slimes
Ground Slam Golems
Spin Cyclone Condors
Cry of the Storm Sabrecats
Full Beam Killing machines
Bomblastic Masked marauders
Feast of the Dead Undead pastors
Smash Hit Cyclopses
Dark Machinations Demon soldiers

Through researching the mysterious tablets scattered throughout the floating islands, it is revealed that the daggers were created by the late Madra and Padra as symbols of their love for one another before their passing. The dragons imbued the knives with incredible power to represent their final wishes, and as such they are intended to be used only by duos with strong mutual respect and compassion.